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Diploma In Office Administration

Each and every business needs office staff which will co-ordinate the day to day business activities.

The Role of an Office administrator normally includes but is not confined to :-

  • Coordinating office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies
  • Supervising administrative staff and dividing responsibilities to ensure performance
  • Keep stock of office supplies and place orders when necessary

A Office administrator needs to have knowledge about office and Business Procesess and posses certain skills to be effective. The Diploma in Office administration is designed to equip you with the necessary skills.

The Course is Divided in 3 levels

Starter diploma in Office administration

This level includes the following Modules.You can complete these online or classroom based.


Overview of Office Administration

  • Qualities required in an office assistant
  • Daily Routine of an Office assistant
  • Office Supplies

Telephone Usage

  • Telephone Manners
  • Telephone Etiquettes
  • Voice Mail Etiquettes

Mailing Services

  • Incoming Mail
  • Outgoing Mail
  • Fundamentals activities of mail handling department
  • Mail Automation


  • Reception
  • Etiquettes as a host
  • Etiquettes as an Invitee
  • Etiquettes of using Elevators/Escalators
  • Etiquettes of using Stair Case
  • Etiquettes of using a Door
  • Table Manners/Etiquettes of using Table


  • Types of Meetings
  • Type of Committees
  • Meeting Terminologies Glossary

Records Management

  • Purpose of Record Management
  • Features of Effective Record Management
  • Type of Files
  • Procedure of Classification
  • Methods of Filing

Office Automation

  • Benefits of Office Automation
  • Limitations of Office Automation
  • Duplicating Machine
  • Photocopying Machine
  • FAX (Facsimile)
  • Dictaphone
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  • Time recording machine
  • Document Shredder
  • Telecom Equipments

Computer Appreciation

  • Introduction - What is Computer?
  • Classification of Computers
  • Commonly Used Computer Terms
  • Units of a computer system
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • Storage Devices
  • Types of Software
  • Windows Basics
  • The User Interface
  • Windows Accessories

MS-Word 2013

  • MS-Word Basics
  • Working With Documents
  • Customize the Word Environment
  • Editing a Document
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Styles
  • Graphics
  • Proofing a Document
  • Page Formatting
  • Macros
  • Lists
  • References and Citations
  • Track Changes

MS-Excel 2013

  • Excel 2013 Basics
  • Workbook and Worksheet
  • Manipulating Data
  • Worksheet Formatting
  • Page Properties and Printing
  • Excel Formulas
  • Sort and Filter
  • Charts
  • Macros

MS-PowerPoint 2013

  • MS-PowerPoint 2013 Basics
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Slide Formatting
  • Slide Effects and Slide Show
  • Printing and Publishing

Office Erogonomics

  • Distance between desk and chair
  • Positioning Computer keyboard and Mouse
  • Positioning of computer display
  • Organizing the work area
  • Constant intervals


  • Internet
  • E-Mail Program
  • E-Banking
  • Business Letter
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Book-keeping and Accounting

Basic Tally

The basic Level Course has a duration of 1 month and can be completed during your inter-term holidays.

Internediate Level Diploma in office administration

On successful completion of this Level you will be able to get a job as a junior clerk Or office Intern.

Level Duration—–3 months

BASIC LEVEL syllabus + HR processes + Principal of management + office services and fundamentals of secretarial procedures+office management Typing (English + Marathi)

Apart from the above you will also learn Business English

Advance Course Modules with Internships

Completing this course takes a minimum of two months and provides you with a job Guarantee . In this module you have to get proficient and pass the exam in any one of the following :-

  • Advance Tally
  • Image making skills.This includes Photoshop, canva and another free image and video making tool)
  • Telephone skills + Sales + Marketing skills.
  • Advance MsOffice.+ Man management + Project Management

Course Duration 6 months with a 2 month internship.

Why Train With Us

  • Learn from experienced proffesionals Learn from experienced proffesionals
  • Flexible batch timingsFlexible batch timings
  • Government Authorized certificate Government Authorized certificate
  • Access to e-learning portal Access to e-learning portal
  • Internship and Placement assistance available Internship and Placement assistance available
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