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Digital Marketing For Business Owners

If you want to implement digital marketing in your business but do not know where to start then this course is for you.

Even if you do not implement the digital marketing for your business yourself and hire an intern OR an agency to do this for you, after completing this course you will be able to speak the language of digital marketing and guide them properly.
This course will teach you step by step how to market a business online from scratch across all the major marketing channels.Our simple approach will help you understand digital marketing with ease.

Who Should Complete This Course

The objective of the course is to give a complete overview of digital marketing to :-

1) Business Owners

Business owners who want to have complete knowledge about Digital Marketing. Website owners who want to improve traffic and sales.

2) Entrepreneurs

3) Marketing Managers

What Is Covered In This Course?

This course has 15 modules giving you an understanding of everything in digital marketing.
  • How to build your Digital Strategy.
  • What are the most important aspects of a website.
  • How to write content that makes the cash register ring!
  • How to use Google tp grow your business.
  • How to get FREE traffic from Gloogle for your website or shop.
  • Google Adwords- Avoid common mistakes and set up profitable campaigns first time.
  • Which Social Media Marketing channels are suitable for your business and how to achieve business goals through social media(Facebook, Instagram or Twiiter).
  • How to use YouTube Marketing to drive traffic & sales.
  • Make money with Facebook Ads without spending a fortune.
  • How to increase your connections on Linkedin.
  • Discover best ways to promote your App.
  • How to do Email Marketing effectively.
  • Get an insight into how leading businesses use CRM to out perform their competition.
  • Leverage the power of Bulk sms and Whatsapp marketing
  • Google Analytics- Track your marketing ROI with Google Analytics.

By the end of this course, you will be confidently implementing marketing strategies across the major online marketing channels.

Digital Marketing if done properly can be the way to market your business with the best ROI. If you plan to grow your business in the 21st century, sooner or later you will have to learn and implement Digital Marketing in your business.

Every day you wait is costing you valuable leads and sales.
Stop this loss now, contact us
now  and start growing a business online today!

Why Train With Us

  • Learn from experienced proffesionals Learn from experienced proffesionals
  • Flexible batch timingsFlexible batch timings
  • Government Authorized certificate Government Authorized certificate
  • Access to e-learning portal Access to e-learning portal
  • Internship and Placement assistance available Internship and Placement assistance available
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